Instructions for Sellers

Consignment Sales Process

This is our process:

1)  You bring the watercraft to MacDonald Marine and we perform a complete used boat inspection on each watercraft - the fee for this is $150.00 each, which includes a thorough inspection and testing of the boat’s and trailer’s condition, operations and engine measurements - compression check etc.  Each inspection concludes with a detailed report of findings, as well as any recommended repairs to make the watercraft properly and safely operational.

2)  We prepare a comparative valuation for you, which identifies relative market values for both trade in values, and retail sales and share that with you.  Together, we will set a starting asking price for each boat, as well as a package price, if you are so inclined.  

3)  You will sign/authorize a consignment sale form for each unit, specifying asking, and minimal acceptable selling price.  There is a 10% fee of the final selling price, which you will account for in your authorized asking/selling price.

4)  We will advertise your pre owned boat packages as consignment sales, offering them on our MacDonald Marine website, as well as on, and occasionally, on social media blasts.

5)  MacDonald Marine will manage all the paperwork associated with the sale, including title transfer documentation and re registration for the new owner (s).If this sounds acceptable to you, please let me know, and I will forward the initial valuation documents and the consignment sale consent forms for your review and execution.